KIM SEUNGWOO(b.1982) is a professional industrial designer skilled in mass production and advanced design. He won numerous internationally renowned awards including CES innovation awards, iF, Red Dot and IDEA awards. In early twenties, he majored in engineering in university and this background has affected his high level of structural understanding of mechanical engineering. In 2006, he worked at Samsung Electronics’ User-centered Design Lab., and during this period he realized the importance of usability as well as the aesthetics in things. Since then he has been designing with a focus on good usability, and melted it in most of his work. For 7 years from 2009, he worked for Coway, the leader in health-care appliances market in South Korea, and was responsible for the Air Care category and designed numerous mass-produced products and advanced designs. From 2015 to 2016, he worked at NAVER, South Korea’s top IT company, and designed AI speaker and AI navigator and launched them on the market. From 2017 to 2019, he worked at NAVER LABS as a team lead of industrial design team, and was responsible for the company's industrial design. He strongly built the company's design language, and adopted it to all the robots and products of Naver Labs. He developed and managed overall and detailed design of M1, AROUND series, AMBIDEX, AKI, AHEAD, AIRCART, AWAY, R1, NLAC1, PLMM, etc. He still enjoys thinking about creative new things and realizing it to real world.

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