AROUND B has been manufactured to increase the popularity of indoor autonomous robots whose high price tag has so far prevented their penetration in the consumer market. By making them more accessible, people will be able to experience a number of indoor autonomous driving robot services in different spaces and environments.

Designed & Engineered by NAVER LABS

AROUND B will change the reading experience in book stores because it connects the spaces where books are displayed with where people read them. AROUND B will make it possible for people to choose their books and take them to a comfortable place for browsing instead of having to look at them standing up. When they’re done, they simply put them in AROUND B who will take them away. The ambient intelligence of AROUND B is its integration with the user context and the cultural characteristics of space to create a better experience.

AROUND B will collect books that customers have finished browsing in its storage unit and move them to a designated place if they exceed a certain weight. From there, employees can collect the books to put them back. The collection solves one of the most tedious chores book store employees have to deal with on a daily basis. As books are computerized in the store, if even a single book is in the wrong place, employees need to check all the surrounding books. AROUND B is expected to significantly relieve staff from such painstaking work.


The curves and lines are carefully touched. It created unique surfaces.

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