QBO purifies air and maintains pleasant humidity level in a living room or a bedroom. The rectangular shape with simply rounded corners makes minimal appearance, and its matt surface provides a soft feeling and does not gather dust easily. Its stable design blends well with any space.

Designed by Seungwoo Kim

The users can recognize the pollution level through the lighting on the front. Its dust & particle sensor analyzes pollution levels of the surroundings, and the color of the lighting changes between red and blue according to the air quality.

Clean Layout for Good Usability

The top layouts, where many function buttons are located, are well organized carefully and easy to use. To make a clear layout, neat grid was used for tidying the control panel and the air bent grille. The vertical grille, which should be exist for safety reason, is located deeper than the horizontal grille to be invisible to the user’s sight.

Easy Maintenance for Daily Use

In the dry season, the water tank is used even twice or three times a day to keep an optimum level of humidity. It's very annoying work which is repeated every day. Therefore, the design focused on improving usability of the water tank and how people to use it more easily. When the light on the front blinks, it means you have to replenish the water tank for humidification. The water tank can be taken out easily from the side in one simple action, and wide opening of the water tank allows users to replenish it with water easily. Ease of use is the most important point of the Qbo.

Optimized for Manufacturing

It optimized internal structure to minimize manufacturing costs. The Qbo used recycled ABS materials on the internal components to reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact.

대한인간공학회 Ergonomic Design Award GRAND PRIX, South Korea
Japan Good Design Award Winner, Japan
PlusX Award Winner -Design & Ease of Use, Germany
Pin Up Product Award Winner, South Korea

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